Hair Loss Treatments

The Fagron TrichoTest™ can remove the guesswork, save you time and money and provide a real opportunity for you to see results from your hair loss treatment.

Take a look below to learn more about how and why this innovative test was created and how it can be used. 

Fagron TrichoTest™ - Treatments

There are three important questions to consider before choosing any hair loss treatment:

The answers to these questions will go a long way in determining how successful your hair loss treatment will be. However, this is something the Fagron TrichoTest™ can help to determine and below we’ve explained more about this and the science behind the treatments and recommendations provided by our innovative test.

The challenges of finding the right hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatments come in all different shapes and sizes including medicines, vitamins and supplements, oils, shampoos and everything in between. However, not every treatment is backed by scientific research, so it’s important to understand what evidence there is behind each option. 


In addition, not all treatments work for everyone and even with scientifically proven treatments aimed at the correct underlying cause of hair loss, the success of the treatment can still be determined by your genetics and lifestyle factors. 


For example, a common and proven hair loss ingredient is topical Minoxidil – which is known as Regaine in the UK – and many scientific studies indicate that Minoxidil has no effect on 20% of the global population. This is because their genetics simply do not respond to this ingredient and therefore there is no positive effect on treating hair loss. 

The Fagron TrichoTest™ is backed by science

What you’ll be pleased to know is that all the treatments recommended by the Fagron TrichoTest™ are backed by scientific research to improve the treatment of hair loss. It’s also very important that you treat the specific cause of your hair loss with the right type of treatment and, together with our chosen hair loss specialists, the Fagron TrichoTest™ can help you identify the underlying cause and most suitable treatment.

The seven biogenetic categories

If we take a closer look at the scientific analysis behind the Fagron TrichoTest™, the test specifically looks at the seven biogenetic categories related to hair loss treatment – including Minoxidil – and can therefore identify whether your genetics are likely to respond to this treatment and many others. 


This means that not only can the Fagron TrichoTest™ indicate whether a treatment is likely to work or not, but it can also recommend alternative treatments that are more likely to be successful for treating a particular underlying cause. This is a global first and a huge step forward in the treatment of hair loss.


These seven biogenetic categories relating to hair loss treatment and analysed by the Fagron TrichoTest™ are listed below with some treatment examples:

Biogenetic category analysed by the Fagron TrichoTest™

Example treatment types






Clobetasol propionate


Hydrocortisone acetate

Betamethasone dipropionate

Androgenic Effect




Vasodilation and blood circulation

Oral caffeine

Collagen Synthesis

Collagen supplementation

Vitamin Metabolism

Oral Biotin

Vitamin A (retinol)

Insulin Metabolism

Phytocomplex to stimulate growth factors such as KGF, IGF and VEGF

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