Benefits of TrichoTest™

By choosing to take the Fagron TrichoTest™ you won’t just be provided with a bespoke treatment plan for your hair loss, you will also be able to make the most of a number of additional benefits.

The Benefits of the Fagron TrichoTest™

It provides unique analysis

Not all hair loss treatments work for everyone and the success of any given treatment is determined by your genetics and lifestyle factors. However, the information and insight provided by the test is unlike any other and is unique to your circumstances.

You get a full report and specialist support

The findings from your test are compiled into a detailed report that your hair loss specialist or trichologist can use to create an informed treatment plan to alleviate your hair loss symptoms. This is something most competitor treatments do not provide.

It’s scientifically validated

Unlike a large number of generic hair loss treatments and recommendations, the analysis used in the Fagron TrichoTest™ is more dependable and has been scientifically validated by global research. The test is also carried out in conjunction with a hair loss professional or trichologist.

It can save you time and money

With this trusted analysis from the test, you can also then avoid spending your money and wasting your time on using hair loss treatments that aren’t compatible with your genetics and lifestyle factors.

The test is simple, fast and efficient

Unlike other similar tests, the Fagron TrichoTest™ can be done in a matter of minutes and subject to the clinic involved, the test can also be done remotely. What’s more, the turnaround time for your results and your report is typically within 14 days. Lastly, the test is considered a ‘once in a lifetime test’ but it can be reproduced at no additional cost should your lifestyle factors change – but this must be done in conjunction with your hair loss specialist or trichologist.

There’s added peace of mind

With a combination of the above benefits, you can also find added peace of mind in the fact that you’re choosing a test that can help determine the best treatment for your hair loss. In addition, if you were to simply choose a treatment from another provider without having any analysis done beforehand, you may be at risk of suffering from adverse side effects. This is something you can look to avoid by choosing to take the Fagron TrichoTest™.

Why the test was created

Millions of people suffer from hair loss at different times in their lives and in many cases, patients aren’t able to find a treatment that works for them. What’s more, before the Fagron TrichoTest™ launched, there was no way to truly know how successful a hair loss treatment could be, particularly as the success of any such treatment is often determined by your genetics and different lifestyle factors.


This is why the Fagron TrichoTest™ was created.


Now, it is the first and only test of its kind that helps to address this problem and can provide unique and valuable information to help determine what hair loss treatment is most likely to work for a patient.

How does the Fagron TrichoTest™ work?

The Fagron TrichoTest™ itself involves getting a swab saliva sample from you to obtain your DNA. This swab, together with the completion of an online questionnaire to discover your lifestyle factors, is then sent to our laboratory where our trained technicians then analyse 48 genetic variations related to hair loss. 


This analysis is done to detect DNA variations known as SNPs, to facilitate our understanding of the specific characteristics of your metabolism – which often contribute to hair loss. 


Once analysed, your hair loss professional or trichologist will be provided with an overview report of your characteristics and how they relate to your response to hair loss treatment. This unique insight can then help with the creation and recommendation of a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Find out more

The Fagron TrichoTest™ can be carried out in person or remotely*, so to find your nearest clinic and book a test, click here to see our map of available locations and their respective contact details.

If you’d like to learn more about the test and how it works, you can also email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.