Is Caffeine Good for Hair Loss?

Is Caffeine Good for Hair Loss?

The caffeine we find in drinks like coffee, coke and tea is widely known as a stimulant1 that can give us a little boost when we’re feeling tired. What you might not know is that there are some working theories that caffeine could also be doing a lot more for us – more specifically helping prevent hair loss.2

Here we take a closer look at the science behind caffeine’s supposed prevention of hair loss, how it can be used as a treatment and the potential side effects. Please be aware however that there are only a handful of scientific studies behind this to date – and there’s still a notable degree of scepticism about just how effective caffeine is at preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Caffeine and your hair

One of the many effects caffeine has on the body is that it can help increase the circulation of blood to your scalp3 which stimulates your roots and in turn promotes healthier and stronger hair growth.

According to a study from 20074, caffeine was also shown to be effective at blocking the effects of the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – which is one of the leading causes of male pattern baldness – which can damage your hair follicles and cause it to fall out. Other studies have also suggested that caffeine can help boost the anagen (or growing) phase of your hair cycle, again promoting the production of stronger hair.5

It’s also thought, according to HealthLine, that by directly applying caffeine to your hair it can help it to hold its moisture better and as a result make it look healthier and shinier.

Does caffeine shampoo work?

You can also purchase caffeine-based shampoos which claim to be able to offer some of the above mentioned effects and benefits for your hair, if you use them regularly.

However, much like the science behind this, there’s still a lot of debate around whether or not such shampoos can actually be an effective treatment for hair loss and for improving the health of our hair.

In fact, back in 2018, the makers of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo were ordered by the Advertising Standards Authority to stop claiming their product can reduce hair loss. This was because the watchdog had ruled ‘there was no adequate evidence’ the shampoo could support this claim.

Can caffeine cause hair loss?

There’s also a belief that caffeine – or too much of it – can have a damaging effect on our hair, but there’s yet to be any evidence it actively causes hair loss. The damage it can do is said to stem from us suffering from dehydration and a lack of nutrients caused by drinking too many caffeinated drinks.6

If you’re unsure, ask an expert

If you have any concerns about your hair loss and whether or not certain treatments  – or indeed caffeine shampoo – could help, the best thing you can do is seek the advice of an expert hair loss consultant, trichologist or advisor.

Better still, you could try a trusted and scientifically validated approach to resolving your hair loss with the Fagron TrichoTest™. The test itself analyses your gene variations and lifestyle to help determine the specific characteristics of your metabolism which contribute to your hair loss. Then with expert analysis of your results, and with the help of a hair loss consultant or trichologist, you’ll get a treatment plan that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

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