Hair Loss: Myths

Hair Loss: Myths

If you suffer from hair loss you may well have done some research yourself to identify the cause of it and how you can help prevent it. However, without the guidance of a medical expert or a trichologist, you’ll likely encounter a number of myths and misconceptions about hair loss – particularly if you’re looking online for help. 

So to help set the record straight, below you can find some of the common hair loss myths, as well as some useful advice about how and where you could look to get support if you think you’re losing your hair. 

Myth: You only go bald when you get old

For many of us our hair will start to thin as we get older, but baldness itself isn’t exclusively for the old.1 The truth is that hair loss can affect you as early as your teens, it really depends on your genetic disposition.2

Myth: If you have high testosterone levels, it causes hair loss

Male pattern baldness is caused by how sensitive your hair follicles are to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT),3 but this has nothing to do with your testosterone levels. 

Myth: Shampooing your hair causes it to fall out

If you notice a few hairs falling out when washing your hair, your shampoo is not to blame and it certainly doesn’t cause you to go bald. According to The Belgravia Centre, It’s perfectly normal to lose a few hairs when lathering up and rinsing and keeping your hair clean is important for keeping it healthy.

Myth: Blow-drying causes hair loss

You might lose some hair when blow-drying, but these will most likely grow back. Similar to the last myth, blow-drying your hair can damage or even burn your hair if you’re doing it excessively or with the heat on high.5

Myth: You inherit it from your mother’s family

You might have been told that if your relatives on your mother’s side of the family suffered from hair loss then this will be the cause of it happening to you – but this is very much a myth. What is true is that your genetics do play a part in the likelihood of your hair loss,6 but it’s a trait you can inherit from either side of your family, not exclusively your mother’s.7

Myth: Wearing a hat causes baldness

Wearing a hat that fits your head comfortably will not cause your hair to fall out. However, if you wear one that is too tight, you can start to lose the hair in the areas where the rim is pressing into your scalp.8 This is because it causes something called ‘traction alopecia’,4 but this is of course something you can easily avoid.

Ask an expert

As mentioned above, the best way to avoid the myths and misconceptions with hair loss is to seek the advice of an expert, be it a hair loss consultant, advisor or trichologist. You should also look to scientifically validated approaches like the Fagron TrichoTest™ – this is a genetic test which can determine a hair loss treatment that is personalised to your needs. 

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